College Golf

Nobody should go it alone in the complex world of college admissions for talented, young athletes. The cost of not just top universities but nearly all accredited schools today can be punitive if not downright impossible for some families. Luckily, for those who can ball a little bit in any number of sports – there is partial or full relief from what can be $250,000, $300,000, $350,000 or more to send one child to college.


What do we do to help get your child athlete into a top college?
• Title IX and gender equity review
• Long range strategic planning
• Nutritional advice and strategy
• Eating disorder counseling
• Life skills education
• NCAA rules and compliance review
• Pre-NCAA certification review
• Video services
• Recommendation consulting
• Tutoring
• Much more

What do we NOT do?
We do not cheat, steal or deceive a college to get your child athlete into school. Much publicity was given to the Los Angeles-based, Rick Singer, who used nefarious tricks and tactics to get kids into top schools like Stanford, MIT and The University of Southern California. We will help make your child athlete’s presentation a top-notch production. What we won’t do is lie about their abilities or “Photoshop” them into images that suggest they are accomplished athletes in a sport that they may never had played. We do not directly pay people for access to athletic programs as was alleged in the aforementioned program. We are 100 percent above-board and best practices.

Who are our clients?
We work with top universities as well as directly with parents and their student athletes. Having relationships on both sides of the transaction allows us to bring qualified candidates to curated and well suited situations that increase the chance of success from day one for both parties. We are in the business of win-win relationships.

We look forward to the chance to work with you be it on a college level or as a family looking for the best school for their student athlete.